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Consultation, fabrication and installation of custom sound absorption panels, made right here, in Northwest Arkansas!

Loud Room?
Make a 'sound' investment in your space!

“Rooms are often built without considering their acoustic properties. Sound systems are often installed without any foresight to how it will react in a specific room. Controlling sound and ‘tuning’ a room can be more important than picking your sound system! If speech is unintelligible and the music doesn’t sound tight, call us. We specialize in church, school, business and industrial spaces and offer a customized solution for your ‘sound’ problems. Feel free to call me personally with any questions and thanks for considering BSD!” —Scott Westlake, Owner/Operator

A Few of the Businesses That We've Worked With.

Wondering How Much It Costs?

From a small conference room to a large auditorium, we'll give you an idea!
Because our business is local, we can fabricate and install our panels for less than you can typically order online and get them shipped to your door! (You then have to find and pay someone to install them.)
We will be there before, during and after the installation to make sure that you are thrilled with our work.

A bit of fine print about the pricing examples: Every space has different needs and these estimates may not be indicative of your sound damping needs. All examples are based on our standard 2" depth, butt-edge frame with your choice of Guilford of Maine fabric. Initial consultation and installation are always included. Fabric printing, additional treatment, custom shapes, depths and bevels are an additional cost. (Our panels are approximately $18-$28/sq ft installed depending on the options chosen. Larger panels are less expensive per square foot and are the most economical way to achieve maximum reverb reduction).

Small Conference Room
12'x14'x10' (1680 cu. ft.)



Requirement: ~48-56 sq ft of panel coverage (2.5% of volume).
Equals ~3-4: 48"x48"x2" Panels

Medium Sized Worship or Common workspace
25'x40'x20' (20,000 cu ft)



Requirement: ~400-450 sq ft of panel coverage (2.0% of volume)
Equals: ~12-14: 48"x96"x2" Panels

60'x100'x25' (150,000 cu ft)



Requirement: 2000-2500 sq ft of panel coverage (1.5% of volume)
Equals: ~68-78: 48"x96"x2" Panels

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to wait to have the panels installed?

Typically 3-6 weeks from the day that we receive your deposit payment. This assumes that the design is complete, the price is acceptable and all fabric color choices have been chosen.

How much will the sound be improved?

Since each space is different, we guarantee less listener fatigue and much greater speech intelligibility in every installation*. Typically, this requires us cutting the reverb time in half in most spaces. After each install, we complete our ‘results’ summary and send it to you so you can see exactly how the reverb time (RT60) has been reduced (RT60 is the amount of time, in seconds, that it takes the sound in the room to drop 60 decibels).
*Our recommendations for sound reduction are based on an array of calculations. Often, our clients are unable to accommodate our suggestions due to aesthetics or cost and that’s ok, but it can reduce the effectiveness of the installation.

What makes Bentonville Sound Damping so unique?

We are the only company in Arkansas that offers a professional, on-site, no-obligation, consultation AND we fabricate our own custom panels specifically for your space AND we install them for you.

What type of warranty do you provide?

We offer a full 3-year warranty, no questions asked for repair or replacement, on all of our panels.

What is the difference between sound damping and sound proofing?

A simplified answer: Sound damping controls the acoustics in a space where the sound originates and sound proofing helps prevent sound from traveling from one space to another. We specialize in sound damping (it's in our name) but have completed several sound proofing installations.

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