Our initial consultation will be free of charge.

1. We will first inspect the room and let you know if it is a good candidate for the specialized work that we do.

2. If we feel that we can effectively ‘treat’ the room and the client would like to progress, we will schedule a second fact finding visit for measurements, placement and color coordination. There will be nominal fee for this, even if the client declines service after the estimate and contract for work is complete.

3. The client will always receive a written estimate and will typically receive a visual mock-up of the design as well (example).

4. If the client accepts our written estimate, we will require a deposit of 50% of total quoted price. We will begin sizing and fabricating the panels. This process, depending on the size of the job, can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks. 

5. We will then schedule an ‘install’ date, generally within 4-10 weeks of accepted contract. We require a date that the room is not occupied for the entire day (or two, depending on size). Because of liability issues, we cannot accept any assistance from the client’s staff. We do the majority of our install work with a 20-foot scissor lift, so please try to clear items along the wall of where the lift will run. 

6. We will test the room before and after the install with professional audio equipment and share the results with the client from dozens of vantage points within the room.

7. We will fully guarantee our work for 24 months from date of install. If there is ever any problem with form or fabric, we will fix or replace the item, no questions asked.