Clorox Bentonville

"We are thrilled with the sound damping panels that were installed. The panels have effectively reduced the noise in our hallways and main conference rooms. Scott collaborated with us bringing great ideas specific to our workplace. We highly recommend Bentonville Sound Damping to improve your business environment."

Bentonville Parks & Recreation

“It sounds great and we like the way it looks too. We are very happy with the results."

Local Bentonville Vendor Supplier

"Amazing difference. We were unable to use our professional conference call speaker phone because of all of the echo. Now our employees are forgoing their offices and camping out in the conference room because it sounds so much better than anywhere else in our space. We would highly recommend Bentonville Sound to anyone within earshot!"

Faith Bentonville

"Our gym was loud and it was hard to understand people when they were talking.  Scott's acoustic treatment made a huge difference!  It made our sound system clearer and now it's much easier to hold a conversation. Thanks! 

Village Pet Hospital

"Thank you so much for all of your hard work. Y'all did an amazing job and we love it. It has made a huge difference and you run an impressive company."