How to check your room for acoustics using your own two hands and ears:

With the room empty, sharply clap your hands just once and listen. What did you hear?

Did the sound dissipate evenly without an echo? That is the room’s reverb and it can be beneficial if it doesn’t last too long. 1 second is preferable for contemporary music or spoken word, up to 2 seconds is ok for organ, piano and choir music. Anything longer is detrimental to any ‘sound’ application. 

What if you heard an echo? When you clapped, did the room clap back? Could you hear a discernible sound that replicated your original clap? This is not beneficial for any type of music nor can it be tamed with even the best sound system, though many have tried. It makes speech unintelligible and causes listener fatigue. Acoustically treating the room is the only cure for this problem.

With the right treatment, we can tame the echo and set the natural reverb in the room to just the right amount of decay (the amount of time that it takes for the sound to drop 60 decibels from it’s loudest level). 

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